Vectorsketch offers a unique service providing plans, construction details, planting plans and 3D visuals to help streamline every aspect of your work.

By using Vectorsketch, efficiency can be increased and productivity boosted. We use Vectorworks software that incorporates Site Information Modelling (SIM), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and GIS data that can easily be used in a CAD environment so as to assist architects, planners and landscape architects.

With accuracy down to 1mm, Vectorsketch can make alterations easily, especially compared to hand-drawn sketches and drawings. Materials can be altered, paths can be widened, walls and fences interchanged. Designs can be analysed for areas, volumes, slope, and cut/fill to help you cost the plan more efficiently. Vectorsketch can also create unique reports for LEED and SITES™ projects that require water budgets and storm water runoff calculations.